Breast Enhancement

Visit Eterno the Best cosmetic surgery laser surgery hair transplantation center in Cochin (Kochi) Kerala India.

Breast reduction

Heavy breasts may be the cause of shoulder and neck pain or may be just a cosmetic problem. Either way, its reduction gives tremendous satisfaction irrespective of the age of the individual. Visit Eterno to know more.

Breast lift

Do your breast appear to be sagging or stretched out ? This is commonly seen after child-birth and after loosing weight. To restore their attractive youthful contour, visit Eterno

Breast augmentation

With our techniques it is now possible to augment the breasts without interfering in breast-feeding or producing any visible scars. Visit Eterno to find out more.

Changing breast implants

If you are unhappy with the shape of the breast implants you already have, it could be due to various reasons, including excessive scar formation around the implant or implant rupture. Come visit our Senior Plastic surgeons at Eterno to correct this.


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