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Face and Neck Cosmetic Surgery

Eyelid surgery

Tired of the tired look ? Blepharoplasty can certainly help remove folds of skin on the upper eyelids or get rid of the bagginess below the lower eyelids. Visit our Lead Plastic Surgeon at Eterno to know more.

Nose surgery

Rhinoplasty techniques can make the nose sharper, narrow the base of the nose, straighten the nose, increase the projection of the nose, remove any humps, and lengthen or shorten the nose.

At Eterno we do not employ any artificial materials for these surgeries.

Ear surgery

Techniques to change the appearance of the prominent ear and other deformities can easily be done even under local anaesthesia. To know more, meet our senior Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Eterno.


Ear-ring holes too big ? At Eterno we employ the finest techniques to recreate them while ensuring you have a perfectly shaped ear lobule. For more information, visit Eterno.

Fat grafting

Fill depressions and grooves on the face using the most advanced techniques in fat grafting. We use your own fat tissue only for this. No other artificial materials are employed. Visit Eterno to know more.

Chin reshaping

Chins can be made more prominent or prominent chins can be reduced. Both natural and artificial materials can be used. Visit Eterno to learn more.

Implants on face

Finally it is possible to make the cheek bones or chin more prominent using artificial implants below the skin. Meet with our lead Plastic Surgeon at Eterno to know more..

Scar treatment with Plastic Surgery

At Eterno, we offer all options available for treating scars. Plastic surgical techniques including hair transplantation into scars are being done to make them not obvious. Visit Eterno to find out how we can help you.


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