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Cosmetic surgery for men

Eterno best cosmetic surgery, laser surgery, and hair transplantation practice in Kochi (Cochin), Kerala, India

Hair loss treatment

The Et-Protocol for hair loss involves an analysis of the problem in its entirety. If required, we do the best hair transplant in Kochi (Cochin), Kerala, India.

Laser surgery

Laser hair removal, laser peel, laser tattoo removal, laser total body hair removal and other advanced laser techniques are all available.

Facial cosmetic surgery

Plastic surgery to remove baggy eyelids, nose surgery to change the shape of the nose, ear surgery, fat grafting, chin reshaping, facial implants, and advanced techniques for  scar treatment. Virtually all cosmetic techniques are being offered here.

Male breast surgery

For advanced techniques to remove the enlarged male breasts, the 'Eterno totally scarless technique' ensures you don't have scars at all.

Abdomen fat removal 

The advanced power liposuction techniques help our Plastic Surgeons sculpt the torso to get the look you always desired. Keyhole surgical techniques leave no visible scar.

Genital cosmetic surgery

For the first time, Plastic Surgeons at Eterno offer surgical techniques to enhance the appearance of the male genitalia.


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