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Model 28 Eterno Best cosmetic  laser sur

Body contouring
at the best centre in Kochi (Cochin) Kerala.

Key-hole fat removal

At Eterno we employ the most advanced power liposuction techniques to get rid of the fat in an almost scarless way. Technique can be used for the arms, abdomen, flanks, folds on the back, buttocks or thighs.

Tummy reshaping - abdominoplasty

Wishing you had a tighter tummy or a narrower waist ? At Eterno we offer the full range of procedures, from keyhole surgery to mini-abdominoplasty and many more.

Fat removal from thighs

Bothered about the fatty thighs ? Our keyhole techniques can help you achieve what you want. Discuss with our Plastic Surgeons as to what is achievable.

Fat removal from buttocks

Are bulky preventing you from wearing the clothes you always wanted to ? Keyhole surgery is the obvious choice for reducing buttocks. Visit us to get more details.

Buttock augmentation

Though several techniques are available in the market, at Eterno, for a fuller buttock, we employ implants. In our experience they are the better choice even over fat grafting.

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