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Following the Botox injections, you will, when you leave our center, find tiny bumps like mosquito bites at the sites where you had the injections. these would take about 30 minutes to disappear. There may be a little bruising too accompanying this. All this can be covered up with a little foundation cream. So make sure you bring the one you usually use, with you.

We would urge you to avoid doing any other procedures on the face simultaneously with a botox session. All those can be done even a week later.

Though you can get back to work, we would urge you to take the rest of the day off and go home and rest it out. If you can lie down for a while, it would be useful.

There is almost no need to avoid any particular type of food. It would be better though to avoid high caffeine content drinks, alcohol and smoking immediately after a botox session.

You need not worry about bending over or any change in your position. It will not cause the spread of the botox.

If you can avoid exercising on that day it would be better. However, if absolutely essential, going for a walk will not be harmful.

You can use your regular cleanser to keep your face clean. But remember to only gently wipe the skin. Do not massage or scrub the injected area.

Using a sunscreen is absolutely essential if you decide to go out.

Avoid a hot shower or a hot tub on that day.

For a professional analysis and an unbiased opinion, contact Dr Chacko Cyriac, a senior Consultant Plastic, Cosmetic and Hair transplant surgeon leading a busy practice based at Eterno, in Kochi, Kerala, India.

Visit for contact details.

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