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Hair transplant is a Cosmetic Surgery. Get yours done by a qualified Surgeon.

Updated: Jan 9, 2020


Read the series of articles being published by Eterno, the leading Plastic Cosmetic and Hair Transplant practice based in Kerala, India, to understand more about this procedure. One of the commonest questions our senior Plastic Surgeon Dr Chacko Cyriac faces in many discussion forums is ‘who should be doing hair transplant surgery’. In the ideal world a cosmetic surgical procedure as hair transplantation should be done by a trained qualified Plastic Surgeon. But today this is not what exists. When looking for a suitable surgeon, patients are faced with multiple options, people from all specialities claiming to be the ‘world’s best in hair transplant surgeon’, many of whom are not even doctors. That would have been alright if the treatment of baldness simply involves shifting hair from one part of the body to another. It is often made to seem so. However what the patient does not realise is the long term negative implications associated with this approach, many of which are not treatable. In truth this issue exists for all forms of cosmetic treatments. With a rapidly increasing clientele due to the increased obsession with ‘looking good’, the business of ‘beauty’ has become highly lucrative. Hence the rapid proliferation of ‘hair transplant centres’ in almost every city on the planet. With even beauty clinics starting to do medical treatments this has assumed dangerous proportions. At Eterno our Senior Consultant Plastic Surgeon Dr Chacko Cyriac alone will see you for this problem. From the initial consultation, to the surgery and later, the follow up, our Plastic Surgeon will be the one advising you on all clinical matters. For appointments you could look up or go through our site dedicated for this problem A frank open thorough discussion on your problem with a range of treatment options and possible outcomes will give you a completely new perspective on this issue.

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