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Stem Cells and Hair Loss

What are stem cells ?

Stem cells are present all over the body, in all the organs. They are unique in that these are the cells that eventually grow into the specialised type of cell like the heart muscle cells, nerve cell, bone cells. Even the hair !! In fact, all cells in the body start from a stem cell. Subsequently they are grow into the various types of cells in each organ.

What do stem cells on the hair follicle do ?

Stem cells in the hair follicle grow to become the structures of the hair follicle. This includes the hair shaft, the glands surrounding the hair follicle etc.

Why are stem cells important for hair loss treatments ?

The traditional methods of hair loss treatment involve shifting hair from one area to another (hair transplant) or using medications to improve the growth of the hair follicle. But it is the stem cells that give rise to the structures of the hair follicle. Therefore, the therapeutic options should focus upon this too.

Does stress affect stem cells ?

Yes. The stress hormones in our body have shown to suppress the activity of these cells. They remain in their resting phase for a longer duration.

How is the hair loss treatment at Eterno different ?

All treatments we offer at Eterno are directed at the hair follicle stem cells in one way or the other. This includes both medical and surgical options. The surgical methods all aim at maximal harvesting and preservation of the stem cells. The medical options aim at stimulating the stem cells.

Hair loss treatment at the cellular level .. only at Eterno !!
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