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Surgery for Gynecomastia

Are drain tubes required ?

The placement of drain tubes beneath the skin after the surgery will ensure a more complete removal of the collected old blood and fluids. This will in turn, help achieve shrinking of the overlying skin to a better extent.

When can they be removed ?

It is generally recommended that they be removed only when the output is minimal. However, with experience, the decision to remove it will be based on not just the volume of the output but on the colour of the drain content, and the surgical technique used. Usually it would take 2-3 days.

What if drain tubes were not used?

There is a greater chance of the old blood etc., collecting beneath the skin. Of course, it will get absorbed, albeit slowly. And this will delay the shrinking of the overlying skin as well. If the collection does happen, it will have to be removed with a needle and syringe. Just visit us to get that done.

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