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What is Botox used for?

What is the most common use of Botox at Eterno ?

At Eterno, Botox injections are used primarily to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Can all wrinkles be treated with Botox ?

Certainly not. Only some wrinkles due to the overactivity of the underlying muscles can be treated with Botox. This can be assessed and explained by our Plastic Surgeon during your consultation.

What other common diagnosis is Botox used for at Eterno ?

Hyperhydrosis or increased sweating involving the palm of the hand and the axilla is another complaint patients coming for Botox treatment have.

What are other uncommon uses of Botox ?

Botox may be used for other conditions like neck spasms to reduce the activity of the neck muscles. Groups of muscles that are overactive in a paralysed patient too may be treated with Botox injections.

It may also maybe used infrequently for an overactive bladder and for lazy eye. Botox injections may also help reduce chronic migraines.

So, use Botox to paralyze your wrinkles !!!

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